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Located at the top of Iowa, NSB Bank has been taking care of their valued customers for over 80 wonderful years. NSB is independently owned -- That means quick decisions, greater flexibility and quicker response time for your requests.


Mission Statement

While meeting the financial needs of our customers is the prime responsibility of every employee, we are committed to providing a level of service second to none.

We pledge, every minute of every day, to make banking an enjoyable experience and to make the NSB experience a warm and refreshing break in our customers’ otherwise demanding lives.

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Other Financial Services

ATM Machines

Click here to view our locations page for the most convenient location near your work or home.

ShazamChek Debit Card

You can use your ShazamChek Debit Card as an ATM card to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use it to pay for your everyday purchases with the money you have in your account.

Internet Banking

Another convenient way to do your banking. Simplify your life with Online Banking - it's like having your own personal branch on the Internet. Think of it as a drive-up window that never closes. For more information about the ease and convenience of our Internet Banking product and how you might benefit, contact any of our branches or send us an e-mail.

Overdraft Defender

Do you need protection from overdrafts? Overdraft Defender will give you the protection that you deserve. It helps you from having your checks returned due to insufficient funds. You will now be able to enjoy the flexibility of managing your money and having fewer checks returned by retailers. NSB Bank Overdraft Defender is a special privilege for our customers upon application approval.

Safe Deposit Box

Our Safe Deposit Boxes come in many different sizes. This is a perfect place to keep any of your valuable documents, family keepsakes and much more. The boxes are available for rent for a low annual fee that various with the size. Contents are not FDIC Insured.  To see what is available for you, contact any of our three full service locations for information.

Night Depository

This is a convenient and secure way to make deposits at any of our three full service locations nearest you after the bank hours.

Wire Transfers

Convenient and safe way to transfer monies from bank to bank, whether it’s in the same town or same country. Call any of our three full service branches and talk to a NSB Bank Representative and they will be able to help you with the transfer.

Direct Deposit

Want your payroll check or Social Security check automatically deposited into your account the day you get paid. Direct Deposit eliminates the possibility of the check being lost or stolen. Come into any one of our three full service offices and pick up our Direct Deposit form, fill it out and drop it off at your companies payroll department.

Merchant Credit Card Services

NSB offers our commercial customers the opportunity to accept credit cards with our merchant credit card program. This program allows businesses to accept credit cards from MasterCard and Visa, with the capability of adding Discover and American Express. Our program offers flexible pricing, no contract commitment dates and the ability to purchase several types of machines at reasonable prices. For more information contact Kim at our Northwood branch (641-324-1023) and Jillian at our Mason City West branch (641-423-7638).

Switch Over Easy to NSB Bank

Stop in at any of are three full service locations to pickup a “SWITCH OVER EASY TO NSB BANK” form. Fill in all information whether it is automatic deposits and/or automatic payments. If you need assistance, any of our NSB Account Representative will be glad to help you fill it out right then and there and answer any questions. It’s That Easy!!!!!!!!


When you need some papers notarized, just come into one of our full service offices. We have notaries on staff and NSB Bank clients are not charged for this service.

Check Imaging

This product lets you receive all credit and debit items in an image statement. The statement is sorted neatly, put in check number order, three hole punched and ready to store in a binder provided by NSB Bank. This new service will make your balancing and tax preparations hassle free.

Cashiers Checks

Money Orders

Savings Bonds

- Backed by U.S. Government but not FDIC Insured.