Electronic Banking

Online Banking

Simple. Safe. Convenient. Access Your Accounts 24-Hours A Day From Anywhere.

Simplify your life with Online Banking - it's like having your own personal banking branch on the Internet. Think of it as a drive-up window that never closes.

On-line Banking has many advantages:

  • FREE with any personal or business account.
  • Bank anytime, anywhere, with an Internet-capable computer.
  • Confirm which checks, deposits or withdrawals have cleared or have been posted.
  • Access account information and transaction history for checking, savings, money market, and loan accounts.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Download account information to your personal financial software.
  • All transactions occur in a secure environment protected by 128-bit encryption.
  • Only you can access your accounts with the private USER ID/ACCESS ID and PASSWORD.

For more information about the ease and convenience of our Internet Banking product and how it will benefit you, contact any of our branches or send us an e-mail.

Please read the NSB Bank Online User Agreement

NSB Mobiliti

NSB Mobiliti

Mobile Banking, Alerts, and Payments

Mobiliti Banking lets you do all your banking from your cell phone. You no longer have to wait to get home to do your transactions, see your balances and/or pay a bill. It can all be done on your phone. There are 3 delivery methods: text messages, mobile browser, and a downloadable application. Mobiliti has a wide range of features that will empower you with the best mobile experience available with "anytime, anywhere" access to your finances and banking services.


  • NSB Mobiliti offers full integration with online banking for a seamless user experience across the online and mobile channels
  • NSB Mobiliti supports all three major access modes: SMS (text messaging), mobile browser and downloadable applications for Android™, iPhone® and Blackberry®.
  • With NSB Mobiliti you will have access to one of the industry's leading "all-in-one" mobile banking, alerting and payments solutions.
  • Mobile Banking from NSB Bank is the easiest and fastest way to access your finances. It's just that easy!For more information on this product call one of our full service branches to learn more.

Helpful Tips:


Brella is a FREE Debit Card email alert service that will protect you against potential fraudulent activity. You can receive fraud email alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also check account balances anytime.....anywhere! For more information stop in at your nearest NSB location or view the Brella User Guide.


NSB’s E-Statements gives you your statement in an electronic format that makes it quick and easy to receive and view. You will no longer have to wait those extra few days to get your paper statement. To enroll in e-statements, stop by or call any of our six locations, or click "enroll now" on our homepage.

Bill Pay

NSB's Bill Pay product lets you pay your bills from anywhere. All you need to do is to log on to NSB’s Internet Banking product and then start paying bills. It is simply that easy. Contact one of our friendly New Account Representatives to sign up for Bill Pay. Once set up you are on your way to paying your bills faster than ever. You can pay all your bills on time without the need of stamps or checks.

Direct Deposit

Have your payroll, investment income, social security, VA Benefits, Pension Income, annuity payments and dividends electronically deposited to your account. It is safe, convenient and fast. Come in to one of our three offices and pick up one of our Direct Deposit forms, complete it, and drop it off at your employer or payer. They may require a voided check.

Mobiliti Deposit Capture (MDC)

Mobiliti Deposit Capture (MDC) is the latest in banking technology and you can sign up for it at NSB. You can deposit your checks with the use of your smart phone. You can do this anywhere and any time of the day or night. Contact any of our locations for more information and to sign up. For more information you can also view our Mobiliti Deposit Capture Instructions.

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