Financial Services

ShazamChek Card

The NSB Check Card lets you make transactions at any ATM machine or pay for purchases from your checking account, without writing a check. It can be used at any retailer who accepts SHAZAM or VISA. It's fast, easy, safe and hassle free. For more information please contact us. If it is after hours and you believe your Shazam Check Card has been lost or stolen, please call Shazam at 1-800-383-8000. You will need to contact your local office the next business day to get a new card ordered.

  • Northwood 641-324-1023
  •  Mason City 641-423-7638
  • email us

Credit Cards

NSB offer Visa credit cards with rewards for both Consumer and Business purposes. To apply, e-mail us for an application. Click here to go to to manage you credit card account. This site belongs to the Credit Card Company and not NSB Bank- you can make payments, file disputes and see your daily purchases by enrolling.


Merchant Credit Card Services

NSB offers our commercial customers the opportunity to accept credit cards with our merchant credit card program. This program allows businesses to accept credit cards from MasterCard and Visa, with the capability of adding Discover and American Express. Our program offers flexible pricing, no contract commitment dates and the ability to purchase several types of machines at reasonable prices. For more information contact us:

  • Rachel at our Northwood branch
  • Jillian at our Mason City West branch

Cashier's Checks

Available at any location.

Money Orders

Available at any location.

Safe Deposit Box

Our Safe Deposit Boxes come in many different sizes. This is a perfect place to keep any of your valuable documents, family keepsakes and much more. The boxes are available for rent for a low annual fee that varies with the size. Contents are not FDIC Insured. To see what is available for you, contact any of our six full service locations for information.

Reorder Checks

main street

Easily reorder checks through Main Street online service.

Wire Transfers

Convenient and safe way to transfer monies from bank to bank, whether it’s in the same town or same country. Call any of our three full service branches and talk to a NSB Bank Representative and they will be able to help you with the transfer.


When you need some documents notarized, just come into one of our full service offices. We have notaries on staff and NSB Bank clients are not charged for this service.

Night Depository

This is a convenient and secure way to make deposits at any of our six full service locations nearest you after the bank hours.

Insurance and Investment Options

Visit our Insurance and Investment page for more information.

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